about me

I was one of those kids who grew up knowing what they wanted to be. I wanted to be a teacher. I'm not exactly sure where the idea came from, as I didn't really have any family or family friends who were teachers. But, over the years, I never wavered in that decision.

Pretty much everyone has one or maybe two teachers who really impacted their lives. I know I do. I met these teachers my senior year of high school. Despite knowing I wanted to be a teacher, I hadn't chosen a subject to teach. That is until I had the privilege of having two computer teachers this last year in high school. Decision made, I wanted to teach computers.

I got my Business Education certification from the University of Georgia and began teaching for Gwinnett County Public Schools. A move to Charleston, SC three years later landed me at Wando High School.

One great thing about working in education is that there are so many opportunities to grow. Teaching 13 different courses has definitely expanded my technical skills. As webmaster for two different schools I have gained experience in creating and managing websites for large organizations. Managing over 150 Mac computers and a Mac server have taught me how to support users, as well as the hardware and software.

I've definitely grown. What started out as a passion to teach, has grown into a passion for computers and technology. I can give up teaching and still absolutely love computers, but I can't give up computers and absolutely love teaching!

So, here I am, walking out on my desire to move into this profession; transitioning into a career that gets me even closer to what I love.